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Fortunately enough, I am one of the lucky few who managed to turn his passion to his profession. Even in my earliest childhood memories, I remember a young boy happy to (try to) teach anyone around. I was also good at asking ‘why?’, which was in itself a very clear indication of my future development both as a person and as a professional. I soon acquired the ability to question normative and usually stagnant conventions, which fostered a thirst for the expansion and redefinition of existing boundaries. Indeed, it is the interconnectedness of these facets that not only motivate my research but also the personal growth that, quite unavoidably, accompanies the fascinating journey of life.

I am someone who enjoys listening to others and learning from each person’s unique experiences. I think that life is short and I try to seize the moment as much as I can. I love being surrounded by honest, humble and good-spirited people.

During my free time, I try to read non-academic books, and novels by Ian McEwan and Margaret Atwood are central in my bookshelves. Reading the work of Federico García Lorca makes me feel inspired. I feel free when I bike, which reminds me of how much I wanted to fly when I was a kid. Riding in a hot air balloon with my best friend is a moment I will never forget. One day I hope I have the opportunity to experience parachuting.

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